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When we ask any financial or bank for a personal payday loan, they will do a study of our economic profile and they will know if we will be able to repay the credit. The most common is that if an entity denies us a loan it is because it understands that lending us money poses a risk of default. Our income is one of the most representative indicators of our solvency against the repayment of the personal payday loan, but, in addition, other factors such as other debts we have are taken into account.

If we are going to apply for a personal payday loan, we can anticipate the financial company’s response by making this simple calculation: between 25% and 35% of your income is what you must allocate to pay loans, mortgage and credit card debt.

30% of your income should not go to debt

30% of your income should not go to debt30% of your income should not go to debt

The bank considers that if we go up from this percentage we enter into overindebtedness. Banks and lenders take this recommendation into account, so depending on the amount of our monthly income and our debt, they will grant us the credit or not. We speak of between 30% because depending on the situation of each person or family, we can increase or decrease that percentage. In that percentage, all the debts we have are included, so if we already have some type of credit, the mortgage for example, which represents 25% of our income, it will be difficult for us to obtain another loan.

For a family that has an income of about 4,000 dollars a month, perhaps they can afford to spend 35% of their income (1,400 dollars) on loans, mortgages and cards. Well, they would still have 2,600 dollars for the rest of regular expenses such as invoices. However, for a personal payday loan from a single holder that has a salary of about 900 dollars, allocating 315 dollars of this can be a mismatch in its economy, since it would only have 585 dollars for monthly expenses. These examples serve to explain that each situation is different and we have to be responsible when applying for any credit. Well falling into any default on any loan is usually quite expensive in the end for interest and late fees.

The other requirements of a personal payday loan

The other requirements of a personal loan

The solvency that we present with our regular income is one of the main requirements that we will be asked when accepting or not the loan, but there are some more. One of the main reasons for rejection is the inscription of our name in delinquent files. If we appear in some of those files, the banks will not lend us money and we will have to resort to private equity companies.

In addition to those described above, for us to be approved for a credit, it is necessary that we be of legal age and that we reside permanently in the country. We must always bear in mind that each entity or lender has its own concession requirements and they will not always communicate them. We also have to know that in the vast majority of cases they will not tell us why the loan application has not been approved.

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The payday loan as an alternative to traditional bank loans. /the-payday-loan-as-an-alternative-to-traditional-bank-loans/ /the-payday-loan-as-an-alternative-to-traditional-bank-loans/#respond Thu, 23 Apr 2020 07:33:29 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/the-payday-loan-as-an-alternative-to-traditional-bank-loans/

In the case of a payday loan, the borrower receives funds from a private person (i.e. not from a bank or other credit institution) to make a purchase, have an urgent repair carried out, etc.

People who can give such a private loan are:

People who can give such a private loan are:

  • Relatives (e.g. parents, siblings, children)
  • Friends or acquaintances (e.g. school friends, work colleagues, club friends)
  • Crowdlending (e.g. via auxmoney, credit from private for private)

All lenders are “natural persons” and therefore do not count as “legal persons”, such as commercial banks. The legal requirement for payday loans (also called payday loans) can be found in Section 488 (1) BGB (German Civil Code).

The terms payday loan or payday loan are also used by banks, which describe a so-called consumer loan. These are usually granted for the purchase of consumer goods or the use of services.

Receiving a loan can benefit from a number of advantages that the bank does not offer for classic loans.

Receiving a loan can benefit from a number of advantages that the bank does not offer for classic loans.

The main advantages with payday loans are:

  • no Credit Bureau information necessary
  • low or no interest
  • longer terms can be agreed
  • lower rates are possible
  • less consequences for repayment difficulties

Lenders and borrowers cooperate on a private, trust-based loan, which makes agreements much more straightforward. The agreements are often limited, especially among relatives, and there are few or no written agreements. However, at least a rudimentary loan contract should also be drawn up for a private loan.

  • In a contract for a payday loan, the contracting parties should at least record the amount of the loan and the modalities of repayment. The contract must also be signed by both parties. In this way there will be no misunderstandings later and each party will have the most important contractual content in writing in the event of a legal dispute.

The lender can provide security if he does not pay the loan amount to the borrower in cash, but transfers it to his account stating the intended use “loan” or “credit”. In this way, in addition to the loan agreement, he has additional proof that money has flowed and that the recipient owes him this amount.

If you want to secure the borrowed money for a payday loan despite a close relationship with the borrower, you can ask for security. For example, an existing vehicle could serve as such. However, this should then be written in the loan contract. Ideally, the vehicle owner should hand over the vehicle letter to the lender until the full repayment.

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How To Get Easy Payday Loans Online /how-to-get-easy-payday-loans-online/ /how-to-get-easy-payday-loans-online/#respond Wed, 25 Sep 2019 02:16:22 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/how-to-get-easy-payday-loans-online/ cash

Whether you write “Easy Loans” / “Easy Loans” or something completely third, it is subordinate. Just the word loan will suffice for you to get a lot of search results. You can always narrow down your search in other words, but since online loans are both easy and easy, these two keywords will give you plenty of choice.

Lending companies usually know that their payday loans are easy and easy. Therefore, the word that goes back to them all. This is for good reason as it is very easy to fill out an application and thus get a loan. This is one of the reasons why online loans are so popular.

What makes these payday loans easy

What makes these loans easy

First, it is a simple and clear application. What you need to disclose is limited. Because with the very little information, companies have what they need to evaluate your application. You should therefore not be nervous and think that something is missing when you submit your application.

Because it doesn’t. When in doubt, you can always find advice and guidance on the companies’ websites, where their loan requirements will appear and where you can see what information is needed. Because so little information is needed before you can be approved for a loan, companies can send answers to you just as quickly.

It is minutes before you receive a loan agreement

It is minutes before you receive a loan agreement

The loan becomes a reality only when you sign the loan agreement you received. You do this with your NemID, which is a security for both you and the company.

The money comes just as quickly – in some places on the same day – as you signed, and elsewhere in a few days. You can then choose a company based on how fast you would like the money to be, as it can of course be crucial to you, whether it should be here and now or whether you can wait a few days. For these reasons, online loans are known as both easy and easy loans.

Dear child has many names

Dear child has many names

Many companies use names like quick payday loans and easy loans, which cover the same thing, namely the type of loan that is easy and flexible to take out. There is a clear need for this type of loan, and there are many companies that would like to meet that need.

Thus, it is just up to you to choose where you want to take out the loan. As it is very easy to fill out an application, you can fill out and send as many as you want, and then sign the agreement that suits you best. Then you can turn the benefits to your side and get a loan that fits your specific situation.

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Savings or loans? /savings-or-loans/ /savings-or-loans/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 02:49:17 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/savings-or-loans/

Many Danes have some form of savings. After all, when there is an unforeseen expense that the everyday economy cannot bear, the money must be found somewhere. Maybe you hadn’t just worn and dragged on for years to get a dent on the car or to buy a new stove. A savings you usually want to spend on something fun like travel and experiences. The question then is just whether you can avoid using the savings if you take out a loan. Or rather, if you can afford to borrow money instead of taking out the savings. With the right considerations, you can quickly find the arguments for and against and thus find out what weighs most.


Surely the cheapest will be to take the money from the savings

Surely the cheapest will be to take the money from the savings

It’s money you already have and you don’t have to pay interest and fees on that money, just like you do with a loan. This is not to be avoided, no matter what loan you want to take. If you take out an online loan such as a quick loan or consumer loan, which is the easy choice to cover small expenses, both the interest rate and the fees can be high and your loan will therefore be an additional expense that will follow you for a longer period.


If you have room in your monthly budget to repay a loan

If you have room in your monthly budget to repay a loan

Your choice may not be of the utmost importance, except that you save some money by using the savings, which is worth taking. The cheapest solution will probably always be preferred, no matter how much in financial surplus one is. On the other hand, if you have a savings and want to borrow money, but can’t quite afford to repay this loan through your budget account, you probably need to start saving anyway. As a result, your loan may end up saving more on your savings than the expense would have if you had used the savings to pay for the repair or replacement of what has now been broken and needs to be fixed.

Generally, a loan should be somewhat near the last resort as it puts you in debt for a period of time and the risk that something unexpected will make it difficult for you to pay your loan back in due time is present. It is not a sin to borrow money, but if you have a savings large enough to pay for the expense, this is both the easiest and cheapest solution, no matter how you turn and turn it. While it’s always fun to spend your savings on some fat, savings are also good for covering unexpected charges or turning in a period of money shortages. If you do not have a savings standing, it is almost always possible to borrow money one way or the other, so you do not have to completely drop a car because the air conditioner is broken or start washing clothes by hand because the washing machine is off.

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Economists: It is stupid not to take a SU loan /economists-it-is-stupid-not-to-take-a-su-loan/ /economists-it-is-stupid-not-to-take-a-su-loan/#respond Thu, 12 Sep 2019 01:57:21 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/economists-it-is-stupid-not-to-take-a-su-loan/

The two economists Jorge Collar from Copenhagen Business School and consumer economist LeAnn Merge from Nordea agree. It is silly not to take a SU loan while studying. This is stated in articles for Politiken and Berlingske Tidende.

Today, it is far from all SU students who take out an SU loan and that is what the economists think is a big mistake. However, they do not think you should borrow the money to spend them. No, instead, students should put the money into a savings. The explanation comes here.

If you borrow money through an SU loan with a 4% interest rate, and then deposit the money into a bank account with an interest rate of 2-3%, it will make a deficit during your studies. But when you finish your education, you will most likely need the money to start a family or buy a house, for example, and this is where the scam lies. The loans you can take out through the bank are more expensive to take out than a SU loan and may go up and cost you more money in the long run.

Thus, economist Jorge Collar believes that if the students have a longer-term plan than the 5 years in which they study, then there is money to save.


Important to remember about SU loans

Important to remember about SU loans

However, one of the most important points to remember is that you do not have to borrow the money to spend them. Because if you spend the money and subsequently come down to the bank with a student loan of $ 250,000 and want to lend money to a house, the bank may not approve your loan because of your student debt. Therefore, your student debt can also become a problem for you if you do not look after it. Instead, you should take out an SU loan if you plan to earmark the money specifically for the expenses that come when you finish your study.

An SU loan is clearly one of the cheapest loans one can take because of the favorable interest rate of 4%. Furthermore, it is easy to get because you do not have to provide a guarantee for the loan. Therefore, it is tailor-made for students and LeAnn Merge believes it is foolish not to make use of a loan that is definitely intended for one’s specific situation. Therefore, she thinks one should consider taking an SU loan before taking a loan in the bank.


Briefly about SU loans

Briefly about SU loans

You can take an SU loan if you are a student and receive SU. However, you must be an active student and therefore cannot apply for the loan while you are on leave or otherwise away from your studies. SU loans and final loans are offered by the state and repaid to the State Administration after the end of the study period. The loans are taken up for one year at a time and are paid in monthly installments. The loans can be repaid at any time or during periods when you do not need them.

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Why is my loan being rejected? /why-is-my-loan-being-rejected/ /why-is-my-loan-being-rejected/#respond Mon, 26 Aug 2019 02:49:30 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/why-is-my-loan-being-rejected/ rejected loans

You may be one of those who could not borrow money. A rejection can be due to many things, and it is difficult to give a concrete answer as to why one is rejected as it can be a combination of different factors. In addition, it is important to emphasize that one is individually credit rated, which is also the starting point for the loan offer and the basis for approval of the loan application. But before one can relate to one’s repayment on the loan, it is also important to know what factors contribute to a loan rejection. In the following, you may learn some of the possible factors that may lead to a rejection of your loan.


The register in RKI?

loan rejected

Being RKI registered is the first factor that leads to impaired loan opportunities. It is very bad signal to send when the providers or the bank can see that you are registered in RKI. It is a database that collects all bad payers, and one’s name ends up in the database because, among other things, you have not paid your bills on time. When one is RKI registered, one’s chances of getting a loan refusal are much higher and the loan options are far inferior. However, there are loan providers who are willing to lend you money despite your RKI registration, but it is recommended that energy be used to get out of RKI, rather than researching the loan market to be able to borrow despite RKI registration.


Low income

Low income

If you do not have high enough income this can also be a reason for a refusal. This is simply because you do not have sufficient income, which indicates that it can be challenging to meet the monthly payments on the loan. When credit rating is made by the borrower, low income usually means a more fragile economy, which in many cases proves to be right. In principle, there is not much you can do here. If you have been rejected because loan providers do not believe that the economy is sound and reasonable, you can always try to find an extra job, or minimize expenses that are not necessary. To see if you have unnecessary expenses, you can create a budget to get a quick overview of your income and expenses. For example, it is always a good idea to look at mobile subscriptions, insurance, electricity companies, etc. to see if some of these can be adjusted down.


Large debt and age requirements

Large debt and age requirements

If you stand and already have a large debt because you may have bought a car, a house or something completely third, this will reduce your available amount. Having a large debt also means that you are already repaying each month, which indicates that your monthly available amount is tight and could help to make the repayment of another loan within the agreed framework. Here, the loan providers take the risk of lending you money – so a combination of income and debt will give you a rejection of a loan. For that, there is the age. You must be 18 years of age and in addition there are writing age requirements with the various loan providers who set their own age requirements for their loan offers. Here you can always research the market thoroughly to find the loan providers where you can meet the age requirement.


Remember to…

The factors mentioned are the basics that make you refuse a loan. So whether it is one factor or the other, it is always a good idea to relate to it. It is the best and most healthy way to a sound economy, which in the long term also improves one’s loan options.

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6000 USD Credit: Classic Among Small Loans /6000-usd-credit-classic-among-small-loans/ /6000-usd-credit-classic-among-small-loans/#respond Thu, 15 Aug 2019 02:49:15 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/6000-usd-credit-classic-among-small-loans/


The $ 6,000 loan is a classic among small loans. An attractive loan that can be used to make a difference in life and to make your life a little more liveable.

Many consumers invest the money in their personal living environment. They re-establish themselves, treat themselves to a great holiday or invest in a new vehicle. Some, however, have to deal with the issue of debt and try to get the same with the help of the 6000 USD credit.
Debts are a heavy burden on life. Even if these are sometimes only a few thousand USD. Especially if there are several creditors and no meaningful agreement can be made with them on the repayment of debts, a timely debt restructuring is worthwhile. At best, before they become negative in the credit bureau.

What are debts?

What are debts?

Every one of us has had some open liabilities that he has been struggling to settle. Maybe this was an unexpectedly high bill for a car repair. Or a subsequent payment to the tax office, which is known not to postpone. As long as the liabilities are under control and can be settled within a reasonable period, everything is fine.
But come together several open invoices together, on top of that, the account is overdrawn and a quick settlement of outstanding liabilities is not possible on their own, then one speaks of debts. These can manifest themselves quite quickly in everyday life and become a tangible problem that determines life over the years. Namely, if the debt is not addressed promptly. For example, with the help of a rescheduling.

What can a 6000 USD loan do?

What can a 6000 USD loan do?

Debt rescheduling is always the accumulation and settlement of accrued liabilities. The creditors are reduced to a single creditor – namely the bank. With this one creditor, debt restructuring agreements can be made to meet the borrower’s needs and at the same time make it acceptable to the bank.
All other creditors are directly served in a rescheduling. The receivables are paid, eliminating possible problems in one fell swoop. For many consumers, the 6000 USD loan therefore represents the last resort out of the debt trap.

So you have to proceed with the recording

So you have to proceed with the recording

If the 6000 USD credit is used, not only a good credit rating with the borrower is important. The procedure for taking out the loan also plays a key role. It has to follow a certain timetable so that the loan can also develop its full potential during the debt restructuring process.
So first of all the amount of all liabilities must be determined. When rescheduling it is advisable to summarize all liabilities. Even the smallest sums should be taken into account, so that in the end really only one creditor is available.

Subsequently, it is necessary to check whether all liabilities are suitable for rescheduling. This is especially important for existing loans and installment agreements with creditors. Should additional costs arise for a premature transfer, these must be taken into account in the rescheduling.

It is also important that the old liabilities are not canceled until the new loan has been taken out. And that is only when the loan contract for the 6000 USD loan is signed and the money is paid out. This is immensely important in order not to risk a financial bottleneck that would exacerbate the situation.

Our tip: Most banks take over the transfer of outstanding liabilities. You pay the money to the appropriate creditors and cancel the contracts, so you do not have to worry about it.

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Loan Application Result Learning /loan-application-result-learning/ /loan-application-result-learning/#respond Tue, 18 Jun 2019 00:26:44 +0000 http://www.cables-and-accessories.com/loan-application-result-learning/ loan application

Widebank offers its customers an array of services, including housing financial loans for those who want to own a house, educational loans for learners to cover their expenses throughout their education, vehicle loans for individuals who want to buy a new or second-hand car, and consumer financial loans for their health, marriage, vacation and similar needs. This holds.

It offers both corporate and personal customers the opportunity to perform monetary transactions with all operational systems. For this reason, the number of people who make an application for Widebank loans by using traditional branches or online financial channels is increasing.

As a result of the bank’s review of the application, these individuals may use credit if the deal is approved. We described in this article how long this process got for Widebank loan candidates and how the application could be questioned…


When will Widebank Loan Application be concluded?

Loan Application be concluded?

In order to use any of the over loan types offered by Widebank for its customers, you must very first application. The channel by which this application is made impacts the duration of the app.

When you obtain a loan via SMS, your own results are usually sent to your own mobile phone within 1 working day. Of course, the period in question pertains to transactions requiring less evaluation, such as general purpose loans. Apps for housing loans are usually finalized within five times at the latest.

When you want to take a loan from the net with Widebank internet financial or apply for financing with the internet branch, the application period varies according to the amount of the particular loan applied.

For small-scale applications, a particular examination may end in a shorter period. In this procedure, it is possible to follow the housing mortgage, general purpose loan or automobile loan applications by using Widebank mortgage inquiry methods.


Widebank Credit Inquiry

credit application

Providing the result for the loan item you have applied for within 1-5 days, Widebank offers different methods to those who want to learn the end result within this period. The financial channels that consumers may use for application tracking;

  • Widebank Twigs
  • Telephone Financial

You are able to choose any Widebank department to follow up loan applications through the branches. You only need to take your own proof of identity with you.

Thanks to telephone financial, you can get a quick transaction simply by calling to have Widebank credit score inquiry. In order for this process to become reliable, you should correctly solution the security questions posed for you by the agent when you get in touch with the customer representative.

Afterwards, you can make your dealings by submitting your request learning as a result of your credit score during an interview with a person customer service representative.

Those who wish to make Widebank credit inquiry service on the phone or on the web are not able to use the bank’s website plus mobile applications as they are not able to perform this transaction on the internet.

However , we are going to not neglect to inform you in regards to the new loan inquiry providers by updating our write-up on Widebank’s online program.

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