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Widebank offers its customers an array of services, including housing financial loans for those who want to own a house, educational loans for learners to cover their expenses throughout their education, vehicle loans for individuals who want to buy a new or second-hand car, and consumer financial loans for their health, marriage, vacation and similar needs. This holds.

It offers both corporate and personal customers the opportunity to perform monetary transactions with all operational systems. For this reason, the number of people who make an application for Widebank loans by using traditional branches or online financial channels is increasing.

As a result of the bank’s review of the application, these individuals may use credit if the deal is approved. We described in this article how long this process got for Widebank loan candidates and how the application could be questioned…


When will Widebank Loan Application be concluded?

Loan Application be concluded?

In order to use any of the over loan types offered by Widebank for its customers, you must very first application. The channel by which this application is made impacts the duration of the app.

When you obtain a loan via SMS, your own results are usually sent to your own mobile phone within 1 working day. Of course, the period in question pertains to transactions requiring less evaluation, such as general purpose loans. Apps for housing loans are usually finalized within five times at the latest.

When you want to take a loan from the net with Widebank internet financial or apply for financing with the internet branch, the application period varies according to the amount of the particular loan applied.

For small-scale applications, a particular examination may end in a shorter period. In this procedure, it is possible to follow the housing mortgage, general purpose loan or automobile loan applications by using Widebank mortgage inquiry methods.


Widebank Credit Inquiry

credit application

Providing the result for the loan item you have applied for within 1-5 days, Widebank offers different methods to those who want to learn the end result within this period. The financial channels that consumers may use for application tracking;

  • Widebank Twigs
  • Telephone Financial

You are able to choose any Widebank department to follow up loan applications through the branches. You only need to take your own proof of identity with you.

Thanks to telephone financial, you can get a quick transaction simply by calling to have Widebank credit score inquiry. In order for this process to become reliable, you should correctly solution the security questions posed for you by the agent when you get in touch with the customer representative.

Afterwards, you can make your dealings by submitting your request learning as a result of your credit score during an interview with a person customer service representative.

Those who wish to make Widebank credit inquiry service on the phone or on the web are not able to use the bank’s website plus mobile applications as they are not able to perform this transaction on the internet.

However , we are going to not neglect to inform you in regards to the new loan inquiry providers by updating our write-up on Widebank’s online program.

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